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Thread: Help with these polynomials

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    Apr 2009

    Help with these polynomials

    Hello all. I have a problem here with some sample questions off my video tutor cd that came with my text book.

    I think they got the answers wrong on two out of the three examples they posted.

    I have uploaded the math problems and their answers as pictures to imageshack so you can see exactly what I am talking about.

    ImageShack® - Gallery

    For the first one I got:

    2r cubed -3r squared +9r

    For the second one I got:

    y squared -6y -5

    and for the third I got the same exact number as them.

    Ps how do I write the cubed and squard here besides typing them?

    Also if I am wrong can someone explain how?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Nov 2008

    1. There is a mistake in your textbook

    2. They have subtracted, you have added (the title is not very clear : add or subtract ...)

    You can use LATEX to write cube and square : $\displaystyle x^3 + x^2$
    Quote my message to see the way to proceed
    You can find LATEX help in the relevant subforum
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    Apr 2009

    much thanks

    Thank you very much.
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