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    Mar 2009

    Question Help to soloved this

    Replace the letters in the balls with the numbers 1-15, each number represents the weight of the ball. All numbers must be used!

    The blue horizontal lines indicate there is equal torque on both sides of the red dots. Assume everything except the balls have zero weight.

    There is only ONE correct solution to this puzzle.

    Please, help us to solve this

    Jimmy and Maria from Sweden
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    Apr 2005
    In order to do this you have to know that torque is equal to "force times distance" from the point at which the line hangs. In order that the "blue lines" not twist the torque on the left must equal the torque on the right Looking at the top blue line, the points from which the weights are hung are: A is 4 units to the left of the attachment point, B is 2 units to the right, C and other weights below it are 1 unit two the left, and D and weights conneced weights are 3 units to the right:
    4A+ (C+ ...)= 2B+ 3(D+E+ F)

    Now since the "blue line" with D, E, and F be on it is in equilibrium you must have 2D= E+ 2F and similarly for each of the other "blue lines". There is no formula to answer this question. Write out the equations the numbers must satisfy and try various possibilities.
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