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    Nov 2008

    word problem

    once a week a cyclist leaves home to cycle to the golf course. On one particular day, at 15.56 one fifth to the course he passes to the town clock. At 16.05 half way to the course he passes to the school gate. At what time does he leave home and when does he reach the golf course?
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    So for the part of the journey described it takes 9mins. We can calculate what fraction this is of the whole journey as we are told it takes 9mins to get from \frac{1}{5} of the way to halfway so this is:

     \mbox{fraction of journey} = \frac{1}{2} - \frac{1}{5}
     = \frac{3}{10}

    If it takes 9mins to travel  \frac{3}{10} of the journey \frac{1}{10} takes 3mins. That then means that the whole journey takes 30mins.

    If he is halfway (15mins) at 16.05 then he must arrive 15mins later at 16.20, meaning he left at 15.50.
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