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Thread: Help needed with polynomials

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    Hello Forum I was asked to Give non-trivial examples of functions that are and are not polynomials.

    I said the following : What I find to be helpful when making this distinction is to remember, A polynomial function(fx) is a function in the form a^x + b^x-1+c^x-2+... where x is any integer. In a case where you have just a^x and x=0(hope you know 0 is an integer) you get a^0=1 which is a constant. So any other criteria that does not satisfy this conditions is not a polynomial function.
    Can anyone help me explain this better I am having trouble explaining myself clearly here thanks..
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    Read this and it should help you understand polynomials better:

    Pauls Online Notes : Algebra - Polynomials

    Good luck!!
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