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Thread: Is this possible to do?

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    Jan 2009

    Is this possible to do?

    Someone has asked me to help solve a problem and I am not certain it's possible....I'm looking for some help

    E equals the weighted sum of 4 numbers, A B C D but with each number having an assigned value. I will always know what A B C & D are and need E

    E is made up of 4 parts
    15% of E = A
    25% of E = B
    35% of E = C
    25% of E = D

    He's looking for a formula to use in excel so he can plug in A B C & D to find E
    We are both getting lost...any ideas?
    For example, if:
    A= 4
    B = 30
    C= 25
    D= 60
    What is E?

    Not sure if this makes sense...
    Is that possible since B & D are same weight of the total but different numbers...
    Any help/direction is appreciated!
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    Sep 2008
    It doesn't look possible the way you've presented it

    you could have that part of E is 15% of A and so E would be something like
    .15A + .25B + .35C + .25D
    and that's easy enough to put in a spreadsheet
    have A1,,,D1 be the entries you know
    and in E1 type =.15*A1 + .25*B1 + .35*C1 + .25*D1

    but I really don't think thats the way you're supposed to go about it
    it sounds more like you should have that E*.25 = B and also E*.25 = D which is a contradiction
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