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Thread: Geometric Mean

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    Geometric Mean

    Find the geometric mean between
    [Math]\frac{2\sqrt{2}}{6}[/tex]* [Math]\frac{5\sqrt{2}}{6}[/tex]

    so we multiply the numbers together then take the sqrt of that number.

    I get [Math]\frac{9\sqrt{5}}{18}[/tex]
    I am told the answer is [Math]\frac{\sqrt{5}}{3}[/tex]

    Thanks if anyone looked found error, feel dumb know Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by algebraisabeast View Post
    Find the geometric mean between
    [Math]\frac{2\sqrt{2}}{6}[/tex] [Math]\frac{5\sqrt{2}}{6}[/tex]
    The "geometric mean" of two numbers, a and b, is $\displaystyle \sqrt{ab}$
    so the geometric mean between $\displaystyle \frac{2\sqrt{2}}{6}$ and $\displaystyle \frac{5\sqrt{2}}{6}$ is $\displaystyle \sqrt{\frac{2\sqrt{2}}{6}\frac{5\sqrt{2}}{6}}= \frac{\sqrt{20}}{6}= \frac{2\sqrt{5}}{6}$
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