I have found two patterns that i like. the 1st pattern is 3 by 3 inch tiles boxed in packs of 75 at a cost of $55.21 per pack. The 2nd pattern is 9 by 9 inch tiles. Comes in 12 tiles to a pack, cost $75.89 per pack. the room is 15 1/2 ft. by 12 1/4 ft. some tiles need to be cut. when a tile is cut, only one portion of that tile may be used. there will be some wasted tile pieces, but the pattern on the floor will match. PLEASE HELP WITH THESE QUESTIONS.
1. which tiles are less expensive?
2. The # of 3 in. tiles NEEDED to cover the floor
3. The total cost of the 3 in. tiles
4. The number of 9 in. tiles needed to cover the floor?
5. The total cost of the 9 inch tiles