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Thread: Square expresion

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    Square expresion

    It seems that the part of my last post that stated my tight sleep as true was indeed a lie. I now have another problem witch will haunt my dreems into infinity, that is iff someone doesn't help me a little!

    The problem is:
    Simplify this as far as possible.

    As for my attempt of a solution:





    Thus the original expression equals:
    3*\sqrt[3]{3}-\sqrt[3]{3}+2\sqrt{3}-\sqrt{3}-3^{4/9} = }
    2*\sqrt[3]{3}+\sqrt{3}-3^{4/9} \not= 2*\sqrt[3]{3}

    Where 2*\sqrt[3]{3} is the answer given by my textbook.
    What did I do wrong?
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    Quote Originally Posted by a4swe
    This is where you're off, it should be:


    Now let's finish: \sqrt[3]{81}-\sqrt[6]{9}+\sqrt{12}-\sqrt[6]{27}-\sqrt[3]{3\sqrt3}

    simplify: 3*\sqrt[3]{3}-\sqrt[3]{3}+2\sqrt{3}-\sqrt{3}-\sqrt3

    group like terms: \left(3*\sqrt[3]{3}-\sqrt[3]{3}\right)+\left(2\sqrt{3}-\sqrt{3}-\sqrt3\right)

    simplify: \left((3-1)*\sqrt[3]{3}\right)+\left(0\right)

    therefore: \boxed{2*\sqrt[3]{3}}
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    Oct 2005
    Thank you very much, that was quick.
    I thought it was some minor error just like that witch I just couldn't spot.
    And belive me, I have looked for it, for a long time.
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