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Thread: refining exsisting formula (long)

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    Jun 2007

    refining exsisting formula (long)

    sorry if this is not algebra i think it must be thought,

    i sent this pm to a forum member who is going to take a look at it for me but advised to throww it out there for others ideas.


    my message to member

    hello there i have found you. My name is ashley and im not quite sure if you remember me or not but i am from australia and you hellped me a little over 12 months ago by building a scoring system for my fantsy football league

    to view the original post click here

    anyway it was a big hit this season and was much more authentic that having just player points which was fantastic.

    anyway the reason for my email is is was hoping you could take a look at it for me and hopfully we can refine it a little to make it a touch more authentic

    you see what i discovered over the course of the season was a. it worked fine and no team with a lower points won which was cool but alot of the
    'endiong points were very close which sometimes didnt reflect the size of the win that was achieved.

    as a guide in our sport using real scores (ending scores) a winning margin of 1 - 20 is considered a fairly close game 21 - 40 a comfortable win and 40+ is a bit of a belting. now after analizing the results this season i have come to the following conclusion that as far as starting points go 1-120 is a close game 120 - 300 is comfortable and 300 plus is an esy win.

    at the moment a win of say (starting points) team a 2000 and team b 1700 the end scores are 100 to 85 which is not really enough considering the starting point refelect a big win.

    i suppose what i am trying to get at is this, can the formula be changed to relfect the ranges shown above so that starting point wins of up to 120 pts reflect and ending points win up to 20pts, starting point wins from 120 - 300 reflect a 21-40 pts ending point win and starting pint wins of 300+ pts reflect 40+ pts ending score wins.

    Sorry to be long winded about this its darn hard to explain. if it cant be done thats fine to cause for all intents and purposed the current system does the job but any relpy or help on this would be fantastic

    kind regards ash
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    Okay, so I redid it.

    I've posted an attachment of the excel sheet with it.

    The new system:

    $\displaystyle s=$starting points

    $\displaystyle p=$ ending points

    $\displaystyle g=$ ending goals

    $\displaystyle b=$ ending behinds

    $\displaystyle g=\frac{s-800-4\sin{s}}{70}$ <--- Round this value

    $\displaystyle b=\frac{s-800}{10}-6g$ <--- Round this one too

    $\displaystyle p=b+6g$

    The ending behinds and goals have to be rounded.
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