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Thread: transforming equations with log10

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    Sep 2008

    transforming equations with log10

    Any help welcome!!
    I am trying to re arrange the following regression equation to find out x as I have a value for y.

    Log10(y)= - 2.780+0.470(LOG10(x))

    I rearranged it as this below but it does not seem to work please can you let me know where I have gone wrong:

    x = 10^(LOG10y +2.780)/0.470)

    Is this right? I donít think so as if I put in an imaginary number in for X (0.032) in first equation and then get a value of y, when I try to used the new value of y in my lower equation I donít get back to my original value of X?
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    Apr 2005
    You did it right. That's the x.

    As for the trial x = 0.032, it does revert back correctly also. Do it it very carefully. It checks.
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