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Thread: Binomial Expansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moo View Post

    I'd suggest you to get a software (like maxima or maple, but maple is not free) so that you can check by yourself or even try to check for the other coefficients ^^
    Or use a graph calculator... lol
    Maple <3

    Here's the complete expansion:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Air View Post
    I managed to do the question and others similar to the one posted earlier but this is another question that I have come upon and I am struggling on it:

    Find the coefficient of x^5 of (1+x+x^2)^4

    Can someone explain the method. Thanks in advance.
    Hello Air

    I know this has been answered but here is an alternative method.

    we only require the first two terms of the expansion to find the coefficient of x^5. why ?

    in the first term you can use the binomial formula for the coefficient of the x^5 which is 56

    for the next term it should be obvious that only three terms form both brackets multiply to give a term of order 5. they are x^5 with 1 , x^3 with 6x^2 and 3x with x^4.


    P.S who killed latex ?
    PPS who killed the image tags ?
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