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    Jul 2008


    graph the functions

    a. y=5+3x
    b. y= X(superscript =2) + 4x - 2
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    Jun 2008
    its a linear equation so it will give a straight line.
    Take any 3 points that satisfy the equation like (0,5),(1,8) etc.plot them on graph and join them and extend the segment obtained from both sides
    2)second equation is of parabola.
    Find points where y=0.these two will lie on x axis.add them and divide it by 2 to get a third point.put this value in equation to get a particular point on y draw a rough sketch passing through these 3 points such that it make a U (distance between papallel lines will keep on increasing).I am giving a rough sketch so that you could check your result.
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