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Thread: Word problem.. anyone?

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    Word problem.. anyone?

    Liquid A has 10 grams of element X per liter. Liquid B has 15 milligrams of element Y per cm^3 (there are 1000 milligrams in a gram and 1000 cm^3 in a liter). It is desired to make 130 grams of molecule Z. To make 18 grams of Z requires 2 grams of X and 16 grams of Y. How many liters of each liquid should be used?
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    I will quickly try to tackle this.

    We have;

    $\displaystyle (1)~~~A~=~10gl^{-1}~of~X$

    $\displaystyle (2)~~~B~=~15mgcm^{-3}~of~Y$

    $\displaystyle ~=~15\cdot10^{-3}gcm^{-3}$

    $\displaystyle ~=~15gl^{-1}$

    $\displaystyle 18g~of~Z~=~2g~of~X~+~16g~of~Y$

    $\displaystyle \implies~130g~of~Z~=~\frac{130}{9}g~of~X~+~\frac{1 040}{9}g~of~Y$

    We want $\displaystyle \frac{130}{9}g~of~X$ hence we need $\displaystyle \frac{130}{90}l$ of $\displaystyle A$
    We also want $\displaystyle \frac{1040}{9}g~of~Y$ hence need $\displaystyle \frac{208}{27}l$ of $\displaystyle B$
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