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    Apr 2008

    Help with problems that I have never been able to solve

    Ok I'm in 9th grade, and I really have trouble with Algebra. There's only 6 weeks of school left and I have like a 65 in math right now. I'd give anything to get at least a C.

    Some of the problems we've been practicing in class are very difficult and I really hate my teacher because he won't help you unless you know what's going on, and how are you supposed to figure it out when you have no idea? He makes me feel like an idiot. I'm completely lost and if I pass the EOCT and I'm still just a few points from passing, he'll help me out. I'm going to be posting problems on here a few days a week so I can pass. If somebody could show me how to do these problems, It would be greatly appreciated.

    Some are
    1. What values of X satisfy x + 2 = 24?

    2.What is a factor of 6x - 13x + 5

    3.What is the equation of the following line passing through points (5,5) and (5,10)?

    4. What is the slope of the line with equation 3y + 5x = 4

    I'd seriously appreciate anyone that can help me out on these,

    Thank you very much,

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