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Thread: linear problem

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    Feb 2008

    linear problem

    the number of brownies N that the chess club sells during the fundraiser depends on the price x that they are sold for according to the equation
    N = -500x + 2000

    graph the equation on the axis to the left (x goes from 2 - 10 in incriments of 2, y goes from 0 - 5000 in incriments of 1000)

    b) what is the largest number of brownies that can be sold

    c) write a formula for the total amount of money M that the club makes if they sell brownies at price X
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    Jan 2008
    Recall that the standard form of the equation of a line is:

    $\displaystyle y = mx + b$

    You have:

    $\displaystyle N = -500x + 2000$

    So, your slope is -500 and your y-intercept is 2,000. Draw a dot at the point (0,2000). Then place a dot at the point (1, 1500), and one at (2, 1000) all the way until it reaches the x-axis.

    The largest number of brownies is simply the highest point on the graph, which happens to be 2,000. If the brownies are sold for $0, then 2,000 brownies will be sold.

    The total amount of money is equal to the amount of brownies sold multiplied by the price.

    $\displaystyle M = NX$
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