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Thread: Height questions

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    Feb 2008

    Height questions

    h = 48 + 32x - 16x squared

    a) from what heigh above the ground was the balloon thrown?

    48 feet, its the y

    b) how many seconds does it take for the balloon to reach its maximum height??

    c) what is the max height above the ground does the balloon reaches?

    d) how many seconds will it take before the balloon hits the ground???

    calulated to be 3 seconds

    how would i go about doing b and c? thank you for your help
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    Senior Member topher0805's Avatar
    Jan 2008
    If the time is 3, the ball will reach it's max height at time 1.5 so just plug that in to get your max height.
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    Mar 2008
    b) The maximum height is achieved when the velocity of the object is 0 and velocity is the derivative of your position function.

    c) Once you know b) this is trivial.

    To topher:
    The ball was not thrown from the ground so the time it takes to reach its max is not half its total flight time.
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    Feb 2008
    ah ha! thank you so much for your help, i figgured it out
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