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    Graph Question

    Hey, do you think you could help me?

    A Function is given as y= 1/2x^2
    The table of values is given in attachment.
    On a graph grid, plot the points given, and join them appropriately.

    Guys can you help?
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    here's the attachment
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Graph Question-ques12.jpg  
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    The function game

    A function is a special kind of relationship between variables. It is like a game which is totally determined by the formula that goes as follows. I give you a number (the value of x, the input into the function) and you give me a number back according to some forumla (the value of y, the output of the function). In this case the formula is y = 1/2x^2.

    So if I give you x=1, you have to give me back y =1/2(x)^2 = 1/2.

    A representation of this game can be given on a graph where grid lines along the horizontal represent the values of x, the inputs, and grid lines along the vertical represent the values of y, the outputs.

    So pick a point called the origin, we say at this value x=0 and y=0. Now draw a horizontal and a vertical line through this point (these are our x-axis and y-axis)

    Now play the game: for the first x value, what y value must you give?
    for x=2 we know the forumla tells us y = 1/2(2)^2 = 2.

    You can put a point at the grid intersection (2,2). That is the point 2 grid marks to the right of the y-axis and 2 grid marks up from the x-axis.

    Repeat this procedure for each value of x given. You should get a collection of points on the grid curving upward. You can connect them by moving along the x-axis and connecting consecutive points.

    Try other inputs into the formula and plot even more points!
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