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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    Sketch y = x(4 - x) for x that is equal to or less than 0. Explain in words what happens to the slope of the curve as we move along it from left to right.
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    Make a table of values...

    Since we are making a graph we can pick any values of x that we wish...

    Since they ask us pick pick values less than or equal to zero that is a good place to start.

    so lets start with x = 0, x= -1, x = -2, x = -3

    $\displaystyle y=x(4-x)$

    evaluating at the above values

    $\displaystyle y=0(4-0)=0$ gives the point $\displaystyle (0,0)$

    $\displaystyle y=-1(4-(-1)=0$ gives the point $\displaystyle (-1,-5)$

    $\displaystyle y=-2(4-(-2))=0$ gives the point $\displaystyle (-2,-12)$

    $\displaystyle y=-3(4-(-3))=0$ gives the point $\displaystyle (-3,-21)$

    if we plot these ordered pairs and connect them with a smooth curve we should be able to answer the question.
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