Hi all,

First time on the forum for me, looking for some help on a practical problem!

Basically me and some colleagues have a football match tomorrow, and we would like to figure out how we can all spend the same time on the field, given some restrictions:

Strikers: Iago, Javier

Midfielders (Left): Matthew, Carlos

Midfielders (Centre): Daniel

Midfielders (Right): Alberto, Peter

Defender (left) Lluis, Pedro

Defender (Right) Juan, David

It is a 60 minute match
There must always be 2 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 striker on the pitch.
Lluis, David can also play in the Midfielder (Centre) position.
One of the defender positions must be filled by Lluis or David at all times.
Substitutions can be made at any point during the game, as many times as needed, but of no more than 2 players at a time and a player cannot be taken out unless he has spent 5 minutes on the pitch.

I am happy for Daniel, David and Lluis to play slighly more than the rest, but only up to a 20% difference in total play time.

Is there a solution for this or do some conditions need to be relaxed, please let me know asap as like I said this is my life, not a math problem.


I would need the starting line up and the order and timing of