Please see the attached PDF file for Productivity Report data required to solve the problem:

Question Posed:
You are targeting a total Production Volume (of packages) increase of 10% in the next 7 days compared tothe last 7 days' Actual Production Volume. Assuming you maintain the same Productivity Rateas last week for the next 7 days, approximately how many Scheduled Hours will you need toschedule to achieve this goal?

Equation Provided: Productivity Rate = [Actual Volume of Packages / (Actual Scheduled Hours + Actual Overtime Hours)]

Multiple Choice Answers Provided:

  • 10,219
  • 13,591
  • 15,827
  • 16,103

*Please see notes below the "Productivity Report." I have played around with the numbers and am having difficulty coming out with the above multiple choice options. I am interested in the steps taken to solve the problem, but ultimately just need the answer. Look forward to receiving your feedback, thanks! Please let me know if the attachment is not accessible, this is my first time posting (newbie).

PF Question 7.pdf