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Thread: Mathematical language

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    May 2010

    Mathematical language

    Ok, I am confused and I want to be precise about whether I am using the correct language.

    Presumably it is correct to say something like,

    Sketch y= x2

    But is it correct to say sketch y-x2=0

    Are these equivalent in this context? The latter doesn't feel right? What would be the precise mathematical way of asking what does y-x2=0 look like?
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    Sep 2012

    Re: Mathematical language

    Hey rodders.

    They are mathematically equivalent but when you sketch something you want to find every combination of variables that fits the criteria for the equation.

    With a sketch though you need to provide the axes you use and with a function you don't.

    So the sketch function needs to say [as an example] use x and y as normal x and y axes unless they are different.
    Thanks from rodders
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