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Thread: Can someone help me figure this out?

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    Dec 2007

    Can someone help me figure this out?

    I am, shall we say, math challenged but need to figure something out.

    If there is a stone sample emitting 112 nanograys of absorbed radiation dose per hour per kilo gram of sample and I want to convert it to grays, I have to first figure out what a nano is.

    I understand a nano is .000 000 001 so a nano gray is one billionth of a gray.

    This is what I think is the right way to do the math.

    1200# of sample x .453 = 543.6 Kilograms of sample x 112 nGy =

    60,883.2 nGy/hr x 24 hours = 1,461,196.8 nGy per day or 1.461 Gray per day

    or did I miss a few decimal poins there? Is it 1.461 or is it .1461?

    1.461 Gray x 365 days = 533.265 Grays per year emitted from 1200# of sample?

    Thanking the math Wizards in advance....
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    Dec 2007
    First of all, good on you for posting your attempt at the question. So many people just post a question then expect someone else to do the work.

    Your work is all right, except that when you converted from nGy to Gy you divided by 1 000 000 instead of 1 000 000 000. So it should have been .001461 Gy/day = 0.533 Gy/year
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    Dec 2007

    Thank you

    Thanks for the quick reply and finding my error. I thought it was too high of a emmission to be correct.

    Math is such a struggle for me, very intimidating to do. Doesn't stop me from trying, just stops me for doing it well!

    Thanks again for the help on this.
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