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Thread: Solve the equation

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    Solve the equation

    Solve the equaition ( x\in\mathbb{R}):
    \frac 1{\left(1+\sqrt{1+\sqrt{x}}\right)^4}+\frac 1{\left(1-\sqrt{1+\sqrt{x}}\right)^4}+\frac 2{\left(1+\sqrt{1+\sqrt{x}}\right)^3}+\frac 2{\left(1-\sqrt{1+\sqrt{x}}\right)^3}=0
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    Hmm.. The solution is too long for me to write here, but let me express it. Let's call  \sqrt{1+\sqrt{x}} = a

    Then the equation is,
    \frac 1{\left(1+a\right)^4}+\frac 1{\left(1-a\right)^4}+\frac 2{\left(1+a\right)^3}+\frac 2{\left(1-a\right)^3}=0<br />

    What you must do here is to equalize the denominators by expanding all the fractions as they'll all have the denominator  \left(1+a\right)^4

    And then you can discard the common denominator, make some factorizations, simplify it as much as you can. Then this will give you a fourth degree equation which can be expressed as a quadratic equation. This will give you  a = \sqrt{1+\sqrt{\frac{8}{5}}} and you can get to  x = \frac{8}{5}
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