New user(well old if you see when i signed up), so this is my first question, I was actually messing about with a paypal fee calc which tells you the price you'll need to charge if I want to receive a certain amount after fees are calculated. And, I was wondering how it worked.

Basically, I looked at the source code of the site and got the formula, which was
(amount_you_want + fixed_fee) / (1 - percentage_fee) = what i should charge to get the amount i want

But I would like to know how to rearrange the equation. For instance, fees are fixed at 30 cents + 2.4% of the sale price. I would simply go 1 - .30 - (1 x 2.4%) = what i get paid after fees

I had a shot at it and tried to rearrange it. No good. I then punched it into a few equation solvers, and they show the steps but don't explain them. Can anyone run me through this?



Help me understand this-equation.jpg