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Thread: Dynamic Inequality

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    Jun 2014

    Dynamic Inequality

    Hey everyone, this is first time here on the forum, so hopefully I'm in the right spot.

    Regardless, I have a dynamic inequality for multiple samples that I need to combine into one formula. It is dynamic in that my number of samples can change. In the example below, I have 4 samples (c-f) where "a" is a constant and "b" is the sample count. My issue is that the sample number can change. I need a formula that can account for this dynamic quality. I think it might be easier to see in an example:

    a = 2
    b = 4 (sample count c, d, e, f = 4)
    c = 32.1
    d = 42.8
    e = 10.201
    f = 5.5
    z = unknown
    So i would then have 4 equations:
    1. (a/b)/c=z
    2. (a/b)/d=z
    3. (a/b)/e=z
    4. (a/b)/f=z
    where: 1 < z < 20
    I believe the below would work for the example, but I am having trouble modifying it to be dynamic and work for any sample (so if I had say 300 samples, I wouldn't have to have 300 different equations inside the inequality).

    1a <  ((a/b)/c)+((a/b)/d)+((a/b)/e)+((a/b)/f) < 20a
    I appreciate any and all input. Please let me know if you need clarification or more detail on anything. Thank you
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    Jun 2014

    Re: Dynamic Inequality

    Hi pdevito3,

    This is my first time on this forum as well! Hello!
    I was trying to follow your explanation, but I'm still not sure what the ultimate goal is.
    Could you further explain what you are trying to achieve?
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