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Thread: Determine an equation for

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    Question Determine an equation for

    Determine an equation for the graph of the polynomial function shown...

    There's a graph that goes from x-axis: -2 to +2 and y-axis:+4 to -4.
    There are three zero's marked at: -1, 0, +2
    There is one point given at: (-1,-2)
    The graph starts from the bottom goes up towards -1(x-axis) then curves and goes through zero, down to the point (-1,-2), curves at that point and goes up through the point (2,0). The curves are consistent in size.

    So what I was thinking was something like:

    y = a (x+1)(x-2)^2
    y = 1 (x+1)(x-2)^2
    ...This get's me somewhat close but is not correct.
    I know you need +1 and -2 in brackets, since these will be opposite of the zero's which are -1 and +2.

    Sort of related so I though I'd ask in the same thread. This is a different question.
    Determine an equation in factored form for the polynomial function with zeros 2 (order2), 2/3, and 3 that passes through the point (1,6).
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    Re: Determine an equation for

    Please do not double post. See the discussion here.

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