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Thread: Help!!!!! So lost!!!

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    Jul 2013

    Help!!!!! So lost!!!

    You are designing a new tile floor for a customer who is adding a room to her home. The room will be square and the customer wants a design set in the middle of the room that is also a square. The customer has not yet determined the size of the room, but knows the design square must be 3 feet by 3 feet. Therefore, you must use a variable to represent the measurement of the room. As part of your presentation to the customer, you need to include the cost of the new floor. The tile for the room is $4.00 per square foot and the tile for the square inset is $5.00 per square foot. For now, you are not including the cost of labor. Calculate the estimated cost for the new floor.
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    Re: Help!!!!! So lost!!!

    Have you tried anything? A diagram would be a good start...
    Thanks from topsquark
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