But still full signature style with jazz screens, discount nfl jerseys,continuous score, plus the second time not in play Lui Ming, Deron II himself scored 9 points, plus the first seven minutes scored 15 points, but also four assists recorded, performance is quite eye-catching, but they lost some of Lui Ming, the two teams were content to be the best half-court, Lui Ming on Xianpao, he does not like to face reporters, unless reporters Duzhe him, obviously the new home of the Washington correspondent relationship with Lui Ming is not good, so no plugging into Lui Ming, allowing Lui Ming direct drill back to the locker room, but he was successful in blocking to DeLong.

Deron can only look back to the locker room Lui Ming rest, while he also interviewed on the outside, of course, there is bitter he must go to his own stomach to swallow, after all, is an interview not a game, they might own a In these reporters there fame stink.

Second half began, but the scene is still the same, with the score of the two teams has been very corpus released in 3 minutes and 5 minutes hovering between Lu Ming did not let them score, but did not let jazz score down in the third towering also There are four minutes coming to an end, when a change in the field of all things, when Boozer once again raised his big hands, I can not help but laugh Lui Ming, used to always listen to home whistle, whistle called home, but have only met once, and that was a whistle away.

But today he has really hit home post,nfl jerseys authentic, and with the fourth foul Boozer, Sloan only black face replaced him again, but this time it is the best chance Lui Ming, Sloan just called a pause, only two were suspended, he will never again lose a pause in this section, he shall leave the rest of the suspension to the last one to use, it also gave Lu Ming opportunities.

"On the gods descend to earth!" With Lui Ming heart will go for one, a white light from heaven, just pour in the Lui Ming's head.

Lui Ming instantly felt their ability to have an increase in explosive style, advanced to the white light disappeared, Lui Ming also smiled and raised his head, looked at before Matthew Jin, his face showing a hint of strange smile, see Lui Ming smile, Granger and Arenas have played a cold site, then far away, and he knew this rough time to send Biao Lu Ming.

"Brother, I did not participate in the draft, no defense so go die!" Matthews said Lu Ming looked at before trash talking.

But Matthews has misunderstood the meaning of Lui Ming, Lu Ming is afraid that it, this time he was more pleased with it.

"How? Afraid? I did not enter the draft, but I played basketball, after all, trained, where as you are so wild ways! Do not compare me to get you!" Matthews this attitude is obviously a fifty Step laugh paces.

While he was there extremely proud, wholesale authentic jerseys,but Lui Ming more pleased, because this guy's mind has been opened himself cited.

"Since you do not want me in cahoots, then sorry, I can only cleansed you!" Lui Ming looked Matthews, suddenly smiled, and then among the Matthews surprised eyes, feet Matthews forced Yi Deng has exceeded the scope of the defense, such as leopards starter in general, quickly rushed toward the inside of the past, while the inside Okur Lui Ming rushed over when he saw it, would also want to hide it, but they thought, Lui Ming is just one Chinese person, if even yellow guard themselves have to hide, that is not it shameful? So he was prepared to stand here and tell Lui Ming a Thermopylae.

Unfortunately, he chose the wrong opponent, if he really out of the way, that is, at most, Lui Ming scored a two points, but he chose to work with Lui Ming war, it is not just a question of two points, one more penalty is not a problem, not to mention that he will become the cover of the newspaper tomorrow, of course ...... is back, but the protagonist is that holding the ball up high fly alcoholic No.

Two hundred and fifty second chapter: Miami 'crazy' cloud

Finally returned to Washington, he put his backpack zipper pull, put the bag, holding the plane, feeling the Minneapolis City Washington Bimingnia warm climate, with snow Keli'er mood, like the weather today , an eye Long, tightened his backpack, with the services of the big crowd out of the waiting room, walked outside toward the airport.

She just walked in the channel when it found a familiar figure was standing there waving toward her and motioned her over.

"Snow Cheryl here!" Watching Su Rui gung-ho over there waving, cheap authentic nfl jerseys,snow Cheryl is also very excited, run a few steps went to Su Rui's side, watching the ruddy Su Rui, Cheryl did not know because of snow What my heart always feel some strange.

"Lui Ming it? How he did not come to pick me up?" Snow Cheryl looked looked about, and did not see Lui Ming figure, which makes her somewhat depressed, his plane all the way over to see him, He did so gone, it is a bit sorry for myself.

"Do not Lang friends! You silly girl, forget timetable yet? Lui Ming to fly to Miami, he away tomorrow, you front and rear legs!" Su Rui looked in there looking for snow Cheryl Lu Ming figure, Hao heart one can not help but, after all, not a woman who would be willing to share her with her own boyfriend, even if it is the best friend is the same, love is selfish, now Su Rui Lu Ming has already happened with the relationship, naturally accounted a great advantage, but looking at the snow Cheryl still feel somewhat strange.

"Garrulous, so ah ......" Snow Cheryl smiled, she would have been over yesterday, but did not buy the aircraft and, we can only wait for today's flight, and hear the words of the Soviet Union Rui, she remembered Today, Lui Ming going to Miami to play away.

"It appears my recent memory is very bad." Cheryl helpless smile snow Su Rui pull snow Keli'er hand, two people walked toward the outside, Su Rui's car to learn about, But she is not able to open nine, but fortunately Wizards Lui Ming send them on the plane on the bus do not go, so just sit back to the bus, take a ride it.

Two girls in the car the first time such a quiet, are looking at the scenery outside the window, in fact, they do not know what to say.

At this point Lui Ming has been sitting on the plane to Miami, even the team's private plane, it would not need to stop at the airport, so they have to ride the bus to the airport, the aircraft then sat walk.

Leaning on his chair, looked at his hand inside Lui Ming has closed out his cell phone, nhl jerseys china ,because there are reasons for shielding, Lui Ming on the plane can not open the phone, but he also has some worried that there is no snow Cheryl came to Washington , but also afraid of their own heart and Su Rui things snow Keli'er found that this feeling guilty conscience, Lui Ming was the first time feel.

"Garrulous, Lu! Do not fiddle with, and to the Miami can only be opened from Miami all the way up ...... we will fly you from Harbin in China flew to Hainan Island as far, or Listen to me, good sleep ! woke up, and also to the place! "Lu Ming sat beside Randy - Randy Foye looked Lui Ming in there playing with their phones can not help grinning. Lui Ming listened to his words can not help but croon heard, this guy is obviously easier said than done.

"Do not Shine" winded ...... hey, my thing, ah, ah ...... you do not understand do not understand! "Lui Ming shook his head, he did have some frustration that he and Bonilla things, the things themselves and snow Keli'er , as well as the relationship and Su Rui, Lu Ming are hard to sleep every night, ah, recently he particularly unhappy, but also in their hearts there is a person with the outer shadow, too much trouble ......

Lui Ming never felt, I feel this kind of thing would be too much trouble, let Lu Ming has some kind of trouble head.

Fortunately, Lui Ming will not stir together official and private affairs,nfl jerseys authentic, in his usual time for these things but would upset, but on the court, he will be very serious play on the court, his heart and focus only on basketball.

It is also not worried about Lui Ming Sanders reason to worry about, because this guy will know how to self-regulation, nothing will be stumped him, after a long plane, Lui Ming finally landed them a pedestrian paradise nation's best , Miami.

Speaking of Miami, we probably will not be too strange, because this represents the sun, sand, bikini Why, of course, the kind of naked sun is now more popular in some of the more private beach, can often be seen wearing only a small Kuku, * * upper body where the sun NN, of course, these NN, are relatively uninhibited, according to Randy Foye's words, it is relatively easy to bring back of the room, back to the room to do, this fool know, Lui Ming when these women may have no interest.

Although he knows that without visiting the watch shop no scandal star, not really players, but there is no interest on their Lui Ming.

If he a careless, in the move, to cry when Lui Ming war who went, he always tried to stay feel very.

Miami is an international metropolis, in the financial, commercial media, entertainment, arts and international trade has an important role, is that many companies, banks and television headquarters. Miami is also considered a melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups affected by the huge Latin America and the Caribbean islanders great influence on local residents to use more Spanish and Haitian Creole), with North America, South America, Central America, as well as Caribbean culture and language in a close relationship, it is sometimes also known as "the capital of the Americas."

In Miami, Union Bank of Switzerland was also named America's third city and the world's twenty-second wealthy wealthy cities, Elite nfl jerseys,which in its transport, commercial centers, seaside tourist destination known around the world, the same crime rate has been among his stubbornly high.

Miami used to be called 'God waiting room \ &, meaning that this is a good place for pension, retirement was once filled with apartments and swimming pool, but also has the nation's highest murder rate, so the original is not very popular here .