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Thread: Inequality problems

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    Inequality problems

    Solve the following inequality problems. You must give your answer using the interval notation. You muts also give your answer in graphical form (using the number line). (a)$\displaystyle 5- 2x <-3$ or$\displaystyle 3x+1 \leq 6-2x$. (b) $\displaystyle 2x -1<3$ and $\displaystyle x+4 \leq 5+2x $
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    Re: Inequality problems

    What difficulty are you having? Do you understand that you can solve inequalities like these just like you solvre equations- with one provision: if you multiply of divide both sides of an inequality by a negative number, you must reverse the direction of the inequality sign. Do you know what "graphical form (using the number line)" means?
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