"compute the gcd of $\displaystyle g= 2x^6 - 3x^5 +2x^4 +x^3 + 15x^2 - 7x + 8$ and $\displaystyle f= 6x^5 - 3x^4 + 3x^3 + 14x^2 -7x + 7$ over q[x]. explain coefficient swell and its relevance to this calculation". now, as this is in q[x] is it best i don't do any rescaling and just work with the fractions? i am not too sure on swell either but i believe this is about the coefficients becoming massive but this is usually only with the rescaling? i am not too sure and i can't find any books or resources that can explain this. thank you to anyone that can advise me. I have the gcd solved. but this is just by standard long division method. is this valid for q[x]? once again, it is not a problem of computation but in understanding definitions because i don't have a resource or book to explain this meaning. also can anybody tell me is it possible to do a line break on here as a return key is not working to do so.