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Thread: ALgebra 2 Function and Relations

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    Sep 2012

    ALgebra 2 Function and Relations

    Find Domain and grah. Is relation a function? :

    a.{(x,y): |x|=|y| and |x|<=|1}
    b.{(x,y): |y|=x and x<=3}
    c.{(x,y): |x|+|y|=2}
    d.{(x,y): |x+y|=0 and |y|<=2}
    e.{(x,y): |y|<=2}

    Two functions are equal if they have the same ordered pair. f and g have the same domain D and range. Determine if f=g.

    D={-2,-1,1,2} f: x --->4-x^2 g: x--->6-3|x|

    Each sentence defines a relation and x and y are real numbers. graph relation and tell whether it's a function.


    Please help, I really do not understand it. An explanation would be highly appreciated.
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    Sep 2012

    Re: ALgebra 2 Function and Relations

    Hey xotinalx.

    For 2D function, the easiest way to know if something is a function is if you can draw a vertical line anywhere and it only crosses the function once. So as an example the relationship x^2 + y^2 = 1 is not a function unless you restrict it further but y = x^2 is.

    Mathematically this means that if y = f(x) then it means that if you have two values where a = f(b) and c = f(d), then something is a function if and only if b = d implies that a = c (or in other words, I give you an x and you can only give me back 1 y).
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