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Thread: Having some difficulties

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    Aug 2012

    Having some difficulties

    Hi guys,

    New member here, great to see such a buzzing community. After reading through various parts of the site over the last few days in order to try and solve my problem myself, I have been opened up to other areas of maths that I never knew existed, let alone understand!

    Anyway, onto the question. I am currently writing some software to help distillers do various calculations on their android phones. One of these is the correction of ABV spirit values of a hydrometre. Let me explain - the average spirit hydrometre is calibrated at 20 degrees C. When reading the strength of your spirits, you read the indicated ABV, check the temperature of the spirit and visit a table such as this and workout what your actual ABV is, you can also use this handy little calculator (Home Distillation of Alcohol (Homemade Alcohol to Drink)) however it is only a predefined matrix that looks up values, not what I am after.

    What I am hoping to do, is find the equation that was used to calculate the results for this table so I can use it in my program. The original author of the PDF includes what I am presuming to be the equations he used and explanations of them. I am just absolutely lost and dont even know where to start on how he uses the indicated abv and temp to workout the actual corrected ABV. If it is at all possible, could someone help me translate this to something a little easier to understand, or even just break it into parts so I can see what is happening with the original numbers and how he gets to the end result. I would be greatly appreciative.

    Cheers and best regards,

    EDIT: Also, I apologise if this is in the wrong forum as I honestly have no idea what category it would fall under.
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