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Thread: Grid System

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    Grid System

    I'm making a grid system using computer science.

    My idea is that when the mouse pointer is hovering a cell of the grid that cell should be highlighted. But, I'm having a bit of trouble.

    Lets say for simplicity a cell is 5 x 5 so half of the cell is 2.5. If the mouse is hovering at a position of 3,3 or even 1.5,3.
    How can I make a mathematical formula which finds the origin of the cell which I'm hovering.

    Finding the points at which the cell is being drawn, look at the picture for more detail (hopefully).

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    Re: Grid System

    If the pointer is at (x, y), then it is over $\displaystyle \lfloor x / 5\rfloor$th cell from the left and $\displaystyle \lfloor y / 5\rfloor$th cell from the top. Here $\displaystyle \lfloor\cdot\rfloor$ is the floor function. In a programming language, you may use integer division instead of floating-point division and rounding.
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