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Thread: Pharmaceutical Mathematics

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    Pharmaceutical Mathematics

    Hi, I just need verification of these questions to see if i am doing them correctly. They are mostly about pharmaceutical maths that I found off the internet.

    When reconstituted with 20 mL of water, a 1,000,000 units vial of penicillin G potassium used in the nursery contains 50,000 units/mL. How many milliliters would be in a dose of 30,000 units?

    What I did:

    Units: mL :: Units: mL
    50,000:1 :: 30,000: x
    50,000(x) = 30,000
    x = 0.6mL

    The vial contains 600,000 units of penicillin procaine. How much diluent should be added to give a solution added to give a solution containing 150,000 units/mL?

    What I did:

    600,000 units/ 150,000 units/mL
    = 4mL

    These ones I need help on:

    You have to find the total input of the following:

    The IV bag is at 4 and you have injected the patient with 10 cc.
    4 = 400mL 10cc = 10mL

    The patient is now on their 2nd 1000mL IV bag and it is reading at 8.5mL

    The patient has had 500 mL of water twice today and has been injected a second time with 8cc's

    Thank you for reading.
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