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Thread: Calculating Average Rate

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    May 2012

    Calculating Average Rate

    Is there a formula for calculating the average rate ?

    The question is
    If a tree grows 5 feet in n years , What was the average rate in inches per year at which the tree grew during those years ??
    The answer is 60/n

    I also got 60/n as the answer but i am not sure if my explanation for getting this answer is correct.
    I got 60/n because the required value is average rate in inches per year . inches here is (12x5)/n = 60/n
    Is this the correct reason for getting 60/n as the answer. Frankly i think this is a dumb question but it still appeared on GMAT.
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    Dec 2007
    Ottawa, Canada

    Re: Calculating Average Rate

    Correct...dumb question for sure!
    Thanks from MikeNoob
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