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    May 2005

    One more ....

    A Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tire has an overall diameter of 29.10 inches. How far will a point on the tire tread move in one complete turn?

    Bonus question: How many revolutions does the tire make per mile? Round to the nearest whole number.

    Again, this is an odd problem in my book, so I know the answer is 91.4 in and the bonus answer is 693 revolutions/mile (rounded) but I cannot figure out how they came up with this solution.
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    Apr 2005
    The point will move the distance equivalent to the circumfrance of a circle with a diameter of 29.10 inches

    circumfrance of a circle is Pi*diamerter

    3.14 * 29.1 = 91.374in

    for the bonus divide a mile by 91.374in to get the number of revolutions.
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