Question at hand:

The histogram shows how many hours per year a group of teens said they spend volunteering. How many hours did most of them volunteer?

Now when I look at the histogram

The bottom bar is labeled Hours

I assumed this meant number of hours spent volunteering. However, when you look at how it is represented it is split into 4 columns.

0-19% 20-49% 50-74% and 75-99%

Which was odd, because if I interpret that correctly it implies that some students spent 75-99% of their time volunteering which is a ridiculous notion. That doesn't even leave time for sleep. The question mentioned nothing about this time being leisure time or awake time. Either way it seems a ridiculous notion.

The vertical side bar is labeled Number of Times

It then splits the histogram into 7 sections and numbering itself 0, 5, 10, 15 etc up to 35.

So now I get really confused. Number of times what? Number of times they volunteered? That would make for an off histogram. So 20% of the student hours was volunteered 15 times?

A picture of the questions ca be found here:

Histogram Problem-screen-shot-2012-01-10-3.20.14-pm.png