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Thread: Dividing Decimals.

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    Dec 2011

    Exclamation Dividing Decimals.

    I really hope I have posted this in the right section...

    I have a exam coming up and having been out of school in a while I had needed to freshen up on a few things. I just needed help on dividing decimals without using a calculator to also work out sin-1 etc .

    Just a few examples that I need help with : 7/9.22 ?
    6/9.22 ?

    I am also being asked to show Sin, Cos & Tan but without a calculator. I think if i did on a calculator it would be (7/9.22)sin-1 ?

    Anyway, I would most prefer to be able to work out how to divide the decimal and then work out how to work out sin without calculator if anyone could help. Thank you!
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    Sep 2011
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    Re: Dividing Decimals Help please TEST SOON!

    $\displaystyle {7 \over 9.22} = {{7 \times 100} \over {9.22 \times 100}}= {700 \over 922}$

    Can you divide now?

    Find $\displaystyle \sin^{-1}{\left({7 \over 9.22} \right)}$
    $\displaystyle \sin^{-1}{\left({7 \over 9.22} \right)}=\sin^{-1}{\left({700 \over 922} \right)}$

    Draw a right-angled triangle with Perpendicular = 700 and Hypotenuse = 922.

    Now measure $\displaystyle \angle A$.

    Edit: It would be easier if you draw perpendicular=7 and hypotenuse=9.22 .
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