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Thread: Proportional Difference

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    Nov 2009

    Proportional Difference and Absolute Difference

    Hi, I want to make sure I am understanding the terms 'proportional difference' and 'absolute difference' correctly. Here's an example question with my thinking - I'd greatly appreciate someone double-checking my working

    Table showing percentage of university & pre-school students fitting into particular category
    Proportional Difference-1.jpg

    Question 1: Excluding Cat A and Cat B, which Category showed the greatest proportional difference between University and Pre-School

    My answer: I read this to mean what is the greatest ratio of University:Pre-School so i looked at:
    Proportional Difference-2.jpg

    To me, the answer is Cat D. Am i right or way off the mark?

    Question 2: Looking at the whole sample, which category, excluding Cat G, showed the smallest absolute difference between University and Pre-School

    Again, to me, this is asking "what are the raw numbers and what is the smallest difference?"

    So isnt this just Cat F - you can tell by looking at the chart but if not, my working would be turing everything into numbers and getting:

    Proportional Difference-3.jpg

    Thanks in advance for any advice
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