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    Ok I gotta go to school tomorrow, and I dont know if I've got maths, (summer holidays finish today) and I've gotta give in some maths homework and its about Chinese Maths, and I need some-one to tell me some equations and the answers and I need some-one to explain how to work them out so I can write it down, any help appreciated
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    Quote Originally Posted by neshyp View Post
    Ok I Gotta Go To School Tomorrow And I Dont Know If Ive Got Maths (summer Holidays Finish Today) And Ive Gotta Give In Some Maths Homework And Its About Chinese Maths And I Need An Some Equations And The Answers And I Need Some-one To Explain How To Work It Out So I Can Write It Down Any Help Appreciated
    Pet Peeve warning!! Danger! Danger!
    Would it hurt you to write in actual sentences? With proper capitalization and punctuation?
    Pet Peeve over. (whew!)

    Ask a question and someone will do their best to answer.

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