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Thread: Percentage and marks

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    Apr 2010

    Percentage and marks

    If I write 2 maths papers, and I get in:
    Paper 1: 90%
    Paper 2: 65%

    and paper 1 is worth 35% of the total mark, and paper 2 is worth 65%, whats my total?
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    May 2011
    my first answer on this site so dont shhot me down if i am wrong. lets work it out in parts. so the 1st paper is worth 35%. so 35/100 = 1% of the 1st paper. you got 90% so (35/100)*90 is the overall percent of the 1st paper. which is 31.5%
    now to do the same thing with the second paper. (65/100)*65=42.25%

    therefore your overall percentage is 42.25+31.5=73.75%
    (unless ive made a stupid mistake(lack of confidence lol))
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    Oct 2010
    Gampaha, Sri Lanka
    Also I guess you can verify this method by checking the final marks when you get 100% for both papers, then according to Keaton,

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