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    Hi, I was wondering what values of a and b such that the entries for this matrix are all non negative?

    What I did was:

    we know that 4b-1<0

    so we must have 4b=>0 and b+2a=>0 and 8a+1=>0

    then we get 0<=b<1/4 and a=>-1/8 and a=>b/-2

    we can find an interval for b but what about a?

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    1. Independently of $\displaystyle a,b$ we have $\displaystyle a_{11},a_{12},a_{13}$ non negative.

    2. $\displaystyle a_{22},a_{23},a_{33}$ are non negative iff $\displaystyle 4b-1<0$ i.e. $\displaystyle b<1/4$ .

    3. For $\displaystyle b<1/4$ , $\displaystyle a_{32}$ is non negative iff $\displaystyle b\geq 0$ .

    4. For $\displaystyle 0\leq b<1/4$ , $\displaystyle a_{21}$ is non negative iff $\displaystyle 8a+1\geq 0$ i.e. $\displaystyle a\geq -1/8$ .

    5. For $\displaystyle 0\geq b<1/4$ and $\displaystyle a\geq -1/8$ , $\displaystyle a_{31}$ is non negative iff $\displaystyle b+2a\geq 0$ .

    So, the solution is the region $\displaystyle R$ of the $\displaystyle ab$ plane:

    $\displaystyle R \equiv\begin{Bmatrix}2a+b\geq 0\\a\geq -1/8\\0\leq b<1/4\end{matrix}$
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