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Thread: Finding Values from Percentages

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    Mar 2011

    Finding Values from Percentages

    Hi All,

    I recently tendered for a project and have been informed that my bid was unsuccessful. The client informed me of my ranking relative to another supplier in the form of percentages, rather than values. i.e. A submitted rates was rated at 66% and the other supplier was rated at 97%. Given that I know the rates that I submitted, how do I calculate the actual values of the other supplier?

    Thanks in anticipation
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    A= 67% of X, or A= (0.67)X, then X= \frac{A}{0.6}. If, also, B= 97% of X, or B= (0.97)X Then B= (0.97)\frac{A}{0.6}= \frac{.97}{.6}A= (1.62)A.
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