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Thread: Making a fomula for this...

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    Nov 2010

    [SOLVED] Making a fomula for this...

    Hi, everyone! Sorry if this is wrong category in advance
    I need to make a "formula" for a program I'm making, but I have a bit of trouble. Here's the thing:
    The program is given a max. number, and a number (n) between zero and that max. number (so, 0 =< n < max), and it has to "generate" the number from it that should proportionally raise as getting towards that x number.
    Also, the value when n is 0 should be a constant which can be changed. Let's take it to be 4 in this example.

    Now, I have managed to do the following "formula":
    Lets say that max is 100 in this case.
    It does the job as I described it, but it is not really good because at first the differences are really low (if n is 0, then result is 4, and if n is 80, then result is 20...), but then they get much bigger (if n is 99, result is 400).

    Now, this is just as I want, but the differences go too high after a certain amount...

    I guess that it is kinda hard to understand what I wrote, but ask, and I will explain. Thanks a lot in advance

    EDIT: This might make this clearer to you... If you make a graph out of my formula, you will get parabola. I do need that, but with smaller "angle". Also, I would appreciate if you tell me what I do add/change to be able to "control" the "angle".
    EDIT 2: Nevermind, solved it using powers.
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