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A Syndicate of two people wins a lottery prize of $25 000, to be shared in the ratio of 3:2, Find the Larger Share. Show appropriate working.

If a Steel Bar 90 cm long weighs 3.6 kg, find the weight of a similar length of 1.5 m.

A Long haul truckie knows that his truck uses 153 litres of fuel for a trip of 850 km. How much fuel must he carry for a trip of 1350 km?

How do i find these out?
total prize is 25,000 and ratio is 3:5.out of these to 3+5=8 and each share can be calucaleted by 3divided by 8*25,000 will get 15,000 and 2 divided by8*25,000 will get 10,000.the largest share is 15,000.

90cm long weighs 3.6kgs
and 1.5m should be converted into centimeters that is 1.5*100=150cm
now taking 150cm then 150*3.6divided by90 will give 6k.g weighs.

this is direct proprtion sum.153 lt --850km then 1350km ---?lt
1350/850*153=27/17*153=27*9=243 liters.so 243 liters are required fual dor 1350km