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Thread: Linear Programming

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    Nov 2010

    Linear Programming

    Me and 5 other people in my study group are having troubles doing this, this is high school math and need help

    Question 1

    Josh has 8 days to make pots and plates to sell at local fair. Each pot weighs 2 pounds and each plate weighs 1 pound. Josh cannot carry more than 50 pounds to the fair. Each day, he can make at most 5 plates and at most 3 pots. He will make $12 profit for every plate and $25 profit for every pot that he sells. How many pots and how many plates should Josh make to maximize his potential profit?

    The method of solving this can be found here

    Applicable Mathematics/Linear Programming and Graphical Solutions - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

    Question 2

    A clothing company makes jackets and pants. Each jacket requires 1 hour of cutting and 4 hours of sewing. Each pair of pants requires 2 hours of cutting and 3 hours of sewing. The total time per day available for cutting is 20 hours and for sewing 32 hours. If the clothing company makes $10 profit on each jacket and $7 profit on each pair of pants, how many of each should be made to maximize their profit?
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    Dec 2009
    Have you written the inequalities and drawn the graph for Q1 ?
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