Hey, this question was assigned in my textbook, and I don't quite understand where to start. The directions are as follows:

"Use simplex method to solve the following standard maximization problems. Write a corresponding system or linear equations and the initial tableau. You need to clearly state what is the pivot column, what are the test ratios, what is the pivot, and what row operations you choose and use at each step.

Maximize p=3X_1 + 4X_2 + 6X_3
Subject to: 5X_1 - X_2 + X_3 < or = 1500
2X_1 + 2X_2 + X_3 < or = 2500
4X_1 + 2X_2 + X_3 < or = 2000
X_1 > or = 0, X_2 > or = 0, X_3 > or =0

Thank you so much!