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    Word Problem

    Three people play a game in which one person loses and two people win each game. The one who loses must double the amount of money that each of the other two players has at that time. The three players agree to play three games. At the end of three games, each player has lost one game and each player has $8. What was the original stake of each player?
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    Re: Word Problem

    For this problem, you need to work backwards. So, at the end of the second game, one person has $16, and the other two have $4. After the first game, the person with $16 had $8, another person has $2, and the last has $14. Then, before the first game, the person with $8 had $4, the person with $14 had $7, and the person with $2 had $13. You can check your answer from there.
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