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Thread: Spare time brain teasers

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    Aug 2010
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    Lightbulb Spare time brain teasers

    Hello everyone. I'm here because I have a good interest in Math/Physics but I'm struggling to find things to solve when I have spare time at work.

    At work I get a lot of free time away from a Computer, So I get bored very easily.
    My main question is asking you guys if there are any Math related topics I can sit down and do on paper that will get my brain thinking but also pass some time.

    I don't want to prepare some Algebra equations then solve them one after another, This is too easy and boring. I would like to come up with something new, Like work a way around a problem using Algebra. I'm not an expert in Math, but just wondering If there are any ideas you guys have that will make me sit for a while and do something.

    So yeah, If you have anything I could learn without the aid of books/computer or whatever. Just paper and pen. Then please let me know cause Work is boring as hell lol.
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    Oct 2009
    Why not mosey on down to the puzzles and math challenge section of this website to keep yourself occupied?
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    Mar 2010
    If you find an interesting puzzle on the internet, you can always print it out or write it down, then work on it on paper.
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    Jun 2009
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    this website has a section with some really good puzzles. you can also buy a book of puzzles. i have one called "power puzzles" (though i haven't used it much at all)
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