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    Jul 2010

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    can someone help me with this question

    raymond and chirs are planning to start a small business selling pizzas in their neighbourhood

    Original plan
    they have negoitiated with the the local scout troop to use their kitchen and storage facilities for a fixed monthly cost of $250. using their estimation skills they have calculated the cost of making a pizza to be $1.75. They are planning to sell the pizzas for 4.50.

    After the business has been running for a couple of months the boys review its performance and each come up with a new business plan.

    Raymonds Plan
    Raymond believes they should explain their business and change their to focus to making larger gourment pizzas. He had found larger kitchen facilities that will enable them to do this but tghe new facilities will cost $550 per month. He estimates that the gourmet pizzas will cost $2.85 each to make, but could be sold for 8.00 each.

    Chris' Plan
    Chris believes they should stay in their current facilities but focus on cheaper pizzas. He estimates they can make pizzas for only $1.25 and sell them for $3.00.

    the business has sold an average of 50 pizzas per week for the months it has been operating.

    Q1 using the figures provided for the original business plan write
    a) an equation for the income generated by the business
    b) an equation for the monthly cost incurred by the business

    Q2 Plot both equations on the same set of axes and hence determine the break-even point for the business

    Q3 Determine the monthly profit made by the business based on their average sales figures.

    Please help me.
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    This is the chatroom. You're not going to get help with your homework assignments here.

    And I highly doubt anyone is going to help you, without showing any effort at all.
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